A Hidden Life 
Book 1 - The Watchers Trilogy

Unhistoric Acts

Book 2 - The Watchers Trilogy 

England, 1560 - The mysterious fate of Amy Dudley threatens to ignite a rebellion led by the sinister Watchers that could destroy Elizabethan England. 


Can Sir Samuel Banks, a former royal spy and death doctor, discover the truth about Amy Dudley before it’s too late to save queen and country from The Watchers' malevolence.

Edinburgh 1840 - Doctor Gordon McCraken seeks escape from tragedy and his unravelling mind by attempting to solve the 1560 murder of Lady Amy Dudley. 


Gordon's journey for answers will take him far from Edinburgh, but he's not the only one searching and some secrets are best left hidden.


For hundreds of years The Watchers have waited, now they have quarry.