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About me  I'm a forty-something book addict who loves to write as much as read. I live in Hampshire, England with my family, our rascally dog and a huge collection of books. I'm fascinated by historical and contemporary crime fiction, murder mystery and true crime.

I'm particularly interested in ordinary people doing extraordinary things that change, make or mark history, but who are largely unknown - in essence, living hidden lives. I find delving into the darker side of human nature fertile ground for bringing characters to life, especially when its shown in the hero or heroine of a story. I enjoy turning narratives inside out and doing the unexpected with a character or plot. 

The Watchers  is  a unique crime trilogy in which  three very different detectives in three vastly different time eras try to solve the death of Amy Dudley. Each novel deals with a different detective who uncovers pieces of the puzzle and each narrative is linked to the others - but I won't say how - you'll have to read the books to find out.  Click here to find out about the first and second instalments of The Watchers trilogy, A Hidden Life & Unhistoric Acts.